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By Robert Semrau

Captain Robert Semrau's army trial made overseas headlines-a Canadian soldier serving in Afghanistan arrested for allegedly killing a grievously wounded Taliban soldier within the box. The trial and its final result are an issue of public list. What you're approximately to examine the travel of accountability that encouraged this booklet is not.

What you're approximately to learn is an emotionally draining and mind-snapping firsthand account of struggle at the floor in Afghanistan. It's uncooked and explosive. Names were replaced to guard the courageous and never so courageous alike.

What you're approximately to learn is an account of infantrymen who stay, struggle and die in a moonscape of a rustic the place it's occasionally demanding to inform your good friend out of your enemy. It's approximately attempting to carry it jointly while a mortar assault is ripping your folks and allies aside, and your global unravels prior to your eyes.

Rob Semrau wrote this booklet to inform us in regards to the sheer hell that's the Stan, but in addition to acknowledge the great braveness and compassion he witnessed within the warmth of conflict. the warriors you're approximately to fulfill and the occasions that befall them will linger on on your brain lengthy upon getting closed those pages.

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Give capital and industry and labor thirty days to think it over and you will find, by that time, there will be no war. That will smash the war racket—that and nothing else. Maybe I am a little too optimistic. Capital still has some say. So capital won’t permit the taking of the profit out of war until the people—those who do the suffering and still pay the price—make up their minds that those they elect to office shall do their bidding, and not that of the profiteers. Another step necessary in this flight to smash the war racket is a limited plebiscite to determine whether war should be declared.

There were pretty good profits in mosquito netting in war days, even if there were no mosquitoes in France. I suppose, if the war had lasted just a little longer, the enterprising mosquito netting manufacturers would have sold your Uncle Sam a couple of consignments of mosquitoes to 34 plant in France so that more mosquito netting would be in order. Airplane and engine manufacturers felt they, too, should get their just profits out of this war. Why not? Everybody else was getting theirs. So $1,000,000,000—count them if you live long enough—was spent by Uncle Sam in building airplanes and airplane engines that never left the ground!

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