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Governments more and more provide or call for apologies for previous human rights abuses, and it truly is largely believed that such expressions of contrition are essential to advertise reconciliation among former adversaries. The post-World warfare II reports of Japan and Germany recommend that overseas apologies have strong therapeutic results after they are provided, and toxic results whilst withheld. West Germany made vast efforts to make amends for wartime crimes-formal apologies, monuments to sufferers of the Nazis, and candid background textbooks; Bonn effectively reconciled with its wartime enemies. in contrast, Tokyo has made few and unsatisfying apologies and approves university textbooks that whitewash wartime atrocities. jap leaders worship on the Yasukuni Shrine, which honors battle criminals between Japan's struggle useless. kinfolk among Japan and its associates stay tense.Examining the circumstances of South Korean family with Japan and of French family members with Germany, Jennifer Lind demonstrates that denials of previous atrocities gasoline mistrust and inhibit foreign reconciliation. In Sorry States, she argues country's acknowledgment of earlier misdeeds is key for selling belief and reconciliation after conflict. despite the fact that, Lind demanding situations the traditional knowledge by way of exhibiting that many nations were capable of reconcile with no a lot within the manner of apologies or reparations. Contrition will be hugely arguable and is probably going to reason a household backlash that alarms—rather than assuages—outside observers. Apologies and different such polarizing gestures are therefore not going to assuage family after clash, Lind unearths, and remembrance that's much less accusatory-conducted bilaterally or in multilateral settings-holds the main promise for foreign reconciliation.

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Reconstruction required political, military, and industrial leadership, but the people with this expertise had been recently purged or imprisoned for their campaign of imperial expansion. Faced with the choice between justice and reconstruction, the United States chose the latter. Government officials were de-purged and reinstated; most prisoners were released, pardoned, and returned to positions of authority. The most notorious example is Kishi Nobusuke, the minister of Commerce and Industry in Tojo Hideki’s wartime cabinet, who had been instrumental in the colonization of Manchuria and organized the program 31 AN UNHAPPY PHASE IN A CERTAIN PERIOD of forced labor.

For example, one might argue that findings from the Korea-Japan case are idiosyncratic: that is, related to factors unique to the Korea-Japan historical experience or to factors unique to either country, such as domestic politics or culture. With this in mind, I examine three additional cases—Chinese and Australian perceptions of Japan and British perceptions of Germany—to see whether my findings appear to be upheld elsewhere. These cases provide broader support for my findings. As a “small-n” case study, the results from this project cannot serve as the last word on the effects of remembrance on interstate reconciliation.

People should say, for example, that a country’s denials, glorifications, and justifications of past violence make it appear hostile today. Conversely, they should connect their trust of a former adversary to that country’s contrition. Different versions of the hypothesis that remembrance affects threat perception are possible. One formulation (which I call the “strong” version) expects that a country’s remembrance will dominate other signals that influence threat perception. This version of the theory would work through the cognitive/emotional mechanism discussed earlier.

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