Ralph Donald's Reel Men at War: Masculinity and the American War Film PDF

By Ralph Donald

ISBN-10: 0810881144

ISBN-13: 9780810881143

ISBN-10: 0810881152

ISBN-13: 9780810881150

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Col. ” And like a short jab of a counterpunch, the Doolittle raid was meant to prevent the Japanese from rushing headlong across the Pacific and overrunning Hawaii. Instead, the unexpected counterpunch into the Japanese mainland made the enemy unsure about their own rear echelon. indb 30 3/21/11 1:06 PM Manliness and War/Sports Metaphors 31 balance from the Doolittle counterpunch, to discover that the Americans did not attack Japan from a secret base in “Shangri-La,” somewhere in the Japanese rear.

She is permitted only to shuttle planes back and forth for the men. As the screenplay would have it, Dorinda falls in love with Ted. She overhears plans for Ted to fly what may be a suicide mission to bomb a Japanese emplacement. Out of love for Ted, Dorinda (Irene Dunne) steals Ted’s plane and flies the mission herself. Of course, this is 1943, so the ghostly Pete flies along as Dorinda’s coach, coaching her like a modern day offensive coordinator radios plays into the quarterback’s helmet. To bolster his ego, a male must feel superior to someone.

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