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It's now more straightforward to benefit to write down your personal software program than it has ever been ahead of. Now each person can discover ways to write courses for themselves--no earlier adventure is important. Chris Pine takes a thorough, yet light-hearted technique that teaches you ways to application with at the least fuss or hassle. beginning with small, easy one-line courses to calculate your age in seconds, you'll see the best way to have your website ship you e-mail, to shuffle your song extra intelligently, to rename your images out of your digicam, and extra. You'll study a similar expertise used to force sleek dynamic web pages and massive, expert purposes.

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Chomp puts ' Hello, ' + name + ' . ' if name == ' Chris ' puts ' What a lovely name! ' end Hello, what ' s your name? Chris Hello, Chris. What a lovely name! But if we put in a different name... Hello, what ' s your name? Chewbacca Hello, Chewbacca. And that is branching. If what comes after the if is true, we run the code between the if and the end. If what comes after the if is false, we don’t. Plain and simple. I indented the code between the if and the end just because I think it’s easier to keep track of the branching that way.

Well, I guess you could also call it the path of fame, fortune, and glory. But it’s my fortune teller, and I say it it’s less fortuitous. ) Report erratum 45 B RANCHING Just like the branches of a tree, you can have branches that themselves have branches: puts ' Hello, and welcome to seventh grade English. ' puts ' My name is Mrs. Gabbard. And your name is....? capitalize puts ' Please take a seat, ' + name + ' . ' else puts name + ' ? capitalize + ' , right? ' puts ' Don\ ' t you even know how to spell your name??

What a lovely name! Pleased to meet you, Chris . it looks like when I typed the letters C , h , r , i , and s and then pressed Enter , gets got all the letters in my name and the Enter ! Fortunately, there’s a method that deals with just this sort of thing: chomp. It takes off any Enter characters hanging out at the end of your string. Let’s try that program again, but with chomp to help us this time: puts ' Hello there, and what\ ' s your name? chomp puts ' Your name is ' + name + ' ? puts ' Pleased to meet you, ' What a lovely name!

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