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By Piers Anthony

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In Pursuit of the final word GoodAfter an overpowering succession of tragedies, lifestyles has ultimately, mercifully ended for Orlene, once-mortal daughter of Gaea.Joined in Afterlife through Jolie -- her protector and the someday consort of devil himself -- jointly they search out a 3rd: Vita, a really modern mortal with issues, points of interest, and an unsettling ethical code uniquely her own.An awesome triumvirate, they embark on a good quest to reawaken the Incarnation of fine in an international the place evil reigns -- dealing with demanding situations that might try out the very fiber in their beings with trials as various, as mysterious, and as devastating because the Incarnations themselves.

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They took the path less traveled. It made its way toward the mountain, which rose up monstrously as they approached. The peak was lost in cloud, and the base seemed to delve down below the ground, as if it were no natural configuration, but an alien object set within the scene. "There is something strange about this landscape," Orlene remarked. Jolie laughed. "You are just noticing? " "Apart from that," Orlene said. " Jolie had to agree. The oddness was shifting from quantitative to qualitative, as it were; the trees were obvious, but now there was something subtle.

He spoke without the inflection of godhead, preferring to be Parry for this private tryst. "But I can give you some advice. Look for her in the region of chaos, where Clotho goes for new thread, but turn to the side before chaos is complete. " "You will find her if she chooses to be found. If she chooses otherwise, you are helpless. " "Nox needs no lever against me! I am a major Incarnation, but I exist by the sufferance of Nox, as do we all. " "But she has no power by day! " "She can influence us in devious ways.

But she is busy with many things which are hardly my concern, and gives me leave to go where I wish and do what I wish. I always return to her when she needs me, but most of the time I am on my own, and so I meet many folk, living and dead. " "Incarnations! " "Not precisely. They merely want to have a pool of excellent candidates to draw from when the need arises. The candidates in the pool are not notified, they are merely observed, and then when the occasion should come, one of them may be tapped.

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