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By Anatoly Karpov

ISBN-10: 0713478438

ISBN-13: 9780713478433

Author's preface: "I have performed an enormous volume of match and fit video games in the course of my lengthy chess profession, approximately 2,500 altogether. From these video games, i've got chosen purely 300 for this booklet, - the video games I think about my top and so much instructive ones.

My objective was once to symbolize my Most worthy inventive achievements of the thirty years that experience handed, from 1966 until eventually 1996. the choice was once subordinated to the subsequent 3 standards: powerful opponent, stressful struggle, and instructive worth. for this reason this number of video games should be taken care of additionally as a contemporary chess guideline e-book, as the video games have been performed ordinarily within the most powerful occasions of the final thirty years.

Under this sort of strict choice strategy, many fascinating and instructive video games in addition to easily appealing fragments might have necessarily been lacking during this booklet, if the video games were integrated into it basically fullyyt. hence, the ultimate bankruptcy encompasses a variety of my top combos and finals that are crucial for reaching the abovementioned target; with no them, this paintings could were incomplete.

I nonetheless play much and nonetheless in achieving event successes, so it'd be untimely to simply accept this e-book as my ultimate account. I basically wish to play a couple of stable video games in upcoming occasions and to elevate my very own account of match triumphs (I have over a hundred and forty of them lately - greater than any participant in chess history). in spite of the fact that, such a lot of chessfriends had expressed their wish to have this e-book without delay that i made a decision to arrange this type of an intermediate record on my 30 years in chess. allow studying this paintings convey you excitement and enhance your realizing of chess internal good judgment, intensity and beauty."

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Ull • d • � dwd • •••••••• - . � •• �· ·�- . � ��-� . � d -�d d �-"�� u . :• . B immediate threats, but Spassky's position is worsening with every move. The problem is that the black pieces are disconnected and cannot come to each other's help. Now, for example, it is impossible to defend the seventh rank by means of 33 . l:tt7 due to the hang­ ing bishop on d8. Db8 34 �cS llh8 35 l:txd8! 1·0 After 35 . l:txd8, 36 �e7 ! is de­ cisive. Df6 g6 34 Moscow Ct (2) 1974 In my long chess career the Dragon Variation has been used against me about 20 times, and I think only once has my opponent managed to gain a draw.

56 Merano Wch (9) 1981 8 e3 After 8 e4 llk6 ! Black has quite a playable game. xc4 cxd4 10 exd4 The idea of an early exchange on c4 was used by Kasparov in game 23 of our first match. d5 ! with a mass of exchanges. lLlc6-b4d5. hS! Exchanging bishops is useful for Black, but the straightforward 1 1 . xc3 1 3 bxc3 White i s clearly better. f6 White has immediate difficul­ ties defending the d-pawn. xe7 (D) 12 B A typical position with an iso­ lated d-pawn has arisen. But there is one important nuance which is favourable for Black.

In this case White has to be on the look­ out for danger with every step. However, he does have an interest­ ing resource: a) Not 14 'ii'c 2? xb3 17 axb3 l:txa1 1 8 'ii'x a1 lbc2+. b5) 15 . . b5 1 6 'ii'd3 b4 17 e3 lbb3 is no use to White either. e5 is better for Black. d) 14 lbc3 ! lbd4 15 'ii'd3 ! c6 ( 1 5 . b5 looks promising, but here as well there is a satisfactory de­ fence 16 e3 ! xc6 ( 1 6 0-0 is bad due to 16 . lbb3 ! xd2 :xd2 with an advantage for Black) 1 6 . . bxc6 1 7 e3 ! - the point!

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