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Rae1+ would send my king to the queenside, where I absolutely did not want to go. Bf1 and the position is unclear. Bb6, which is probably better than the game continuation. Bc4 looked very unpleasant as the bishop is coming to e6, and my king is trapped. Be6 g6, followed by b7-b6 and Ra8-d8 and nothing terrible will happen to Black. Rae1+ Kf7 the Black king gets to go where I want him to go. Rd8? Rb8+, etc. Rd7+! The exclamation mark is not for the move itself, as any chess player would consider placing a rook on the seventh rank with check.

In KarpovKamsky (m/13) 1996, my defense was successful because the pawns were only one file apart and the defending king could cover the advance of both of the pawns. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/August%201997/kar... 7/8/2004 Karpov On The Net! Page 3 of 3 pawns is a rook pawn and the superior side's bishop is of the wrong color. In this game, thanks to the fixed weak pawns on g2 and h3, combined with my far advanced b-pawn, I can easily achieve the winning goal of establishing disconnected passed pawns, two or more files apart.

Qa4 0-0, Black obtains a slight edge. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/karp... Bxc4 Most probably Shirov did not see Black's reply, as otherwise he would have considered exchanging queens on d8 with a fairly equal position. Qxc4 Qe7 and White's epawn feels a chill. Bxf2+! Ba3 Qxc3 and White cannot avoid Qc3-d4+ exchanging queens. Bb5+ Suddenly White has some compensation for the pawns. The irony is that Shirov was racking his brains in the opening trying to blow open the Black position so he could demonstrate his renowned attacking prowess.

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