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What a pity! In thi s way the chess world never found out what new con­ tinuation Karpov had prepared in this variation. 10 N-N3 P-QR4 12 B-B3 B-K3 Q-B2 15 R-Q2 1 6 N-N5 B-B5 KR-Q t 1 1 P-QR4 N-QN5 Bl ack seems to have successfully solved his opening problems. He already threatens to win a pawn by 13 . P x P 1 4 B x P N x BP 15 Q x N . Q-N3 + . 1 3 K-R l 1 4 R-BZ Seeing no way of strengrhening his position, Karpov goes in for complications, hoping after exchanges to win the kn ight at QNS, which finds itself surrounded.

Now White loses a piece. 47 Q X P R-N5 Spassky prefers to leave White with the weaker piece-the knight. R--Q3 5 1 Q-K3 48 Q-K6 RxB 52 Q-B5 Q-B2 49 R-KN3 R-N3 50 Q-K8+ K-R2 53 Q-N4 Q--Q2 SPASSKY-KARPOV, 2ND GAME 54 N-R5 After the exchange 56 N-N3 57 P-R4 58 P-R5 59 Q-B5 29 R-KN3 55 R x R K xR of rooks the rest is a matter of technique. Q-Q 6 60 Q-K7 R-KN5 6 1 Q-K5 R-KRS + K-R2 62 K-Nl Q--Q8 + R-Q2 R-QS 63 K-B2 Q-QS + White resigned. Game 2. Caro-Kann Defence Spassky-Karpov April 15th B-N3 5 N-N3 1 P-K4 P-QB3 2 P-Q4 6 N-B3 P-Q4 N--Q2 PxP 3 N-QB3 7 B-Q3 4 N xP B-B4 7 P-KR4 is more energetic, as Spassky played (on move 6) in the fourth and eighth games.

As suggested by B. Shatskes} 27 QR-K l Q-R4 28 R-B5 Q-N5 would have given him a tenable position. 27 B--84 ! Black is again in a difficulr posirion. In order to ensure thar his bishop has a retreat square at K2 (in view of the th rear of P-K5}, he is forced ro 18 THE QUARTIR-FINAL MATCH drive the White queen over to the K-side, which is naturally to 'White's advantage. 27 R-Rl 29 Q-N3 Q-B6 28 Q-B2 QR-Q l Black has n o satisfactory defence. Karpov has succeeded i n imple­ menting his most effective strategy-that of domination.

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