An Amazonian Myth and Its History (Oxford Studies in Social - download pdf or read online

By Peter Gow

ISBN-10: 0199241953

ISBN-13: 9780199241958

Uniting the ethnographic facts amassed by way of the fieldwork tools invented by way of Malinowski with Levi-Strauss's analyses of the family members among delusion and time, this publication analyzes a century of social transformation of the indigenous Piro humans of Peruvian Amazonia. it truly is an incredible contribution to anthropological debates at the nature of background and social switch, in addition to on ignored parts resembling fantasy, visible artwork, and the methodological matters excited by fieldwork and archival info.

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Llaughed less, since I was not sure I unelerstooel it, nor that I liked its implicatiolls. However, Artemio continueel on his theme, for he had obviously not lost interest in the whítelippeel peccarícs yet. He saiel, 'My mother says that the white-lipped peccaries have a chief, an owner. '. The reference was to the Dominican priest in charge of the mission centre of Santa Clara. Much likeel by most people in lhe village, he was also the target of many of their jokes. Despite Julian's levity, Artemio was serious.

By one who knows. Cut off by distance and poverty from where such knowledge is demonstrated, in the lands of the gringos, the Pil'O and other indigenous peoples were condemned to remain ignorant 01' the powerful knowlcdge of 'factories' and 'machines'. Artemio had personal reason to feeI this predicamenl strongly, for he had tried and faiJed twice to acquire lmowledge that would havc fi'eed him from the arduous and dangerolls work of lumbering. stories about the confronted in Santa Clara with a stark portrait of their own poverty anel ignorance, as they understood those condítiollS, there was also a consistent sense that they believed their own lives to be, in many ways, better than those of One of the questions about the 'Iands of the tllat they 1110st fi-equently asked me, ane!

Lt was growing late, anel I walkeel off to my house across the village, to write ali of this elown. A M an rvho was During anel after this conversation, anJ especially through the telling of the myth, I was very happy to have hearel a11 this. This myth, as told 10 me Artemio, seemed to me to be the so]ution to a serious problem I had: what Artemio anel other in Santa Clara thought that I was eloing living in their village. There is no doubt that my presence in the of Santa Clara was an Íntellectual problem for its resielents.

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