American Civil War Armies (3). Specialist Troops by Katcher Ph., Volstad R. PDF

By Katcher Ph., Volstad R.

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S. nag has been draped over the makeshift altar. Off-duty 44 Union infantrymen lounge about in a rowboat under the warm Carolina sun. Beyond them, in the broad bay between Morris Island and Hilton Head, lies the paddle-wheeler Commodore McDonough, a former New York ferry that had been converted into a blockade gunboat. 45 " Encounter at Hampton Roads regard the possession of an iron-armored ship as a matter of the first necessity. Such a vessel at this time could traverse the entire coast of the United States, prevent 'I and encounter, with a fair prospect of success, all blockades, STEPHEN R.

The most modern uated the Gosport Federal warships were transitional craft pro- from the shallows of the Elizabeth River and pelled that the by both basically little sailed by earlier. and steam, but they were changed from the men-of-war Drake some 250 years Sir Francis much in April 1861, turned out to be a salvageable wreck. May 30, 1861, the charred hulk The put in dry dock. S. larger Federal Navy, he must step Navy, and 40 days submerged in the Eliza- beth River had done nothing to improve Committee The venture would be cost- them.

Al long, oval course. Thus, in in short their was his traveling each circuit, every ship brought her The Confederates fought back gamely, al sail in a to shells its While Gener- Butler's troops occupied the installation, the ships and abandoned focused their fire on the remaining strong point, pouring shells into the fort at the rate of as many as 28 per The hapless Confederates took covbombproof shelter; early the next "as fast," a and withdrew inland, their strong points and minute. leaving their guns intact er in a belongings strewn along their line of retreat.

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