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By Leo Frobenius

An eminent German explorer, ethnologist, and authority on prehistoric paintings, Leo Frobenius (1873‒1938) startled the realm of anthropology along with his inspiration of "continuity of cultures" — presenting, for example, a hyperlink among Egyptian spiritual symbols and preexisting African mythology. during his anthropological fieldwork, Frobenius and different contributors of his expeditions accumulated an abundance of genuine African folklore. This quantity provides a wealthy collection of those interesting stories, fables, and legends.
Stories variety from the Kabyl legends of the early Berbers and ballads of the Fulbe bards of Sahel within the southern Sahara to the comically exaggerated unbelievable stories of the Mande in Sudan and the desirable production myths of the Wahungwe of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The thematic adaptations within the stories correspond with their narrators' various geographical and cultural backgrounds.
Recounted with enticing simplicity and directness, those often a laugh, occasionally extraordinary tales are illustrated with variations of prehistoric rock work and photographs of twentieth-century Africans. Of monstrous price to scholars of African tradition, this ebook also will entice the various dedicated readers of folklore and mythology.

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