New PDF release: Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics

By N. Costa, A. Cartaxo

ISBN-10: 9533070889

ISBN-13: 9789533070889

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Possibility to fine-tune optical and electronic properties by creating solutiondeposited organic semiconductor composite films offers an extraordinary flexibility to tailor the materials for the specific application demands. Another exciting possibility is to utilize properties of individual highly photoluminescent molecules (such as ADT-TES-F) as nanoprobes of conduction, nanoswitches, and nano optoelectronic devices. Despite considerable progress, many issues require further attention. In particular, the exact nature of charge photogeneration and transport in small-molecular-weight organic semiconductors is still not well understood, and new experimental methods reveal Optical, Photoluminescent, and Photoconductive Properties of Novel High-Performance Organic Semiconductors 29 additional layers of complexity of their behavior.

Interestingly, in functionalized acenes, it appears that non-activated carrier tunneling, rather than hopping, occurs at least up to ns after photoexcitation, since no significant temperature dependence of the transient photoconductivity power-law decay dynamics was observed in the wide temperature range. The fact that this behavior is seen in both single crystals and thin films suggests that it is an intrinsic property of these materials, possibly related to molecular π-stacking. In the equilibrium, the transport is thermally activated, consistent with hopping mechanism.

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