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Prigogine, C. George, F. Henin, and L. 75). The first motivation of Prigogine (which guided him actually since the beginning of his researches in this field) was to obtain a general microscopic definition of entropy, the universal indicator of irreversibility. This is a crucial question for establishing the molecular basis of thermodynamics. It was stated, and solved in the special case of dilute gases, by Ludwig Boltzmann in 1872. But this solution required a partial abandonment of the laws of mechanics, along with entering into the game of probabilities.

G. Nicolis and I. Prigogine, Exploring Complexity, Freeman, New York. Translations in six languages. 15. D. Kondepudi and I. Prigogine, Modern Thermodynamics, From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester. Translations in five languages. 2. 1. I. Prigogine et I. Stengers, La Nouvelle Alliance—Les Me´tamorphoses de la Science, Gallimard, Paris. [English title: Order Out of Chaos, Bantam, New York, 1984]. Translations in 18 languages. 2. I. Prigogine, La Nascita del Tempo (The Birth of Time), Theoria, Roma.

Prigogine exposes here his vision of the world, which he presents as a new dialogue between Science and Philosophy, made possible by his conception of time. This book was followed by a series of other general books, which had comparable commercial success: IP & IS, Entre le Temps et l’E´ternite´ 1988, 13 Isabelle Stengers first studied chemistry, then philosophy, which later became her main field of activity (she is presently professor of philosophy of science at ULB). She did her PhD thesis under the direction of Prigogine, on the problem of time.

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