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By Navia J.

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It is a really old protocol. 1 Implementing the ftp “GET” We use a simple interface again, ignoring all complexities. GetFtpUrl needs 3 arguments: 1) The name of the host 2) The name of the file to get 3) The name of the local file where the remote file will be written int GetFtpUrl(char *host,char *infile,char *outfile) { HINTERNET hOpen,hConnect; int fret = -1; /* The first thing to do is to check that there is an internet connection. If the local machine is not connected to the internet a call to this function will bring up a dialog box and a series of wizards to set up the connection..

Besides that, only one line needs to be changed. Note that we make a shallow comparison: if our structure contains pointers we do not compare their contents, just the pointer value will be compared. If our structure contains pointers to strings for example they will compare differently even if both pointers contain the same character sequence. What is interesting too is that we use the same names for the same functionality. Since the function names are in their own name space, we can keep mnemonic names like Add, Contains, etc.

Exit. String); // The server list is stored as a linked list. Go through that list until we hit a NULL. String); pIPAddr = pIPAddr -> Next; } // Show the other parameters printf("\tEnable Routing: %s\n", (pFixedInfo -> EnableRouting) ? "Yes" : "No"); printf("\tEnable Proxy: %s\n", (pFixedInfo -> EnableProxy) ? "Yes" : "No"); printf("\tEnable DNS: %s\n", (pFixedInfo -> EnableDns) ? "Yes" : "No" ); IP_ADAPTER_INFO*pAdapterInfo,*pAdapter; /* The same technique as above. \nError %d\n", GetLastError()); return 1; } 46 C Tutorial pAdapter = pAdapterInfo; /* We have now a linked list of adapters.

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