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By Pierre Grimal

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Книга написана крупнейшим французским античником Пьером Грималем, перу которого принадлежит несколько десятков трудов по истории Рима."A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology" is a distillation into short type of the only resource dictionary of historic Greek and Roman myths and legends. according to Grimal's unique dictionary, first released in 1951 in France the concise model covers nearly all significant characters, and 8 genaeological tables current the vital complicated relationships among gods and males. The entries pay attention to crucial models of every legend, and in simple terms the main major diversifications are coated, to be able to specialise in the typical middle of classical literature. short definitions are go referenced to brief debts of the most legends.

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Aeneas went up the Tiber to Pallanteum, which was later to become the site of the city of Rome (the Palatine), and there sought an alliance with King Evander (3), a one-time guest of Anchises. Evander welcomed Aeneas and sent a body of troops to his aid, led by his own son Pallas (4). On Evander's advice Aeneas went to Agylla, in Etruria, to incite the subjects of King Mezentius to rebel, but in his absence the troops of Turnus, the Rutulian king, attacked the Trojan camp. Only Aeneas' timely arrival with the allied troops reversed the situation.

His name, which means 'wan­ derer', had been given him by his father HIPPOTES because he was born at the time when Hippotes had been banished for murder and was travell­ ing from town to town (see HERACLIDS). When Aletes reached manhood he decided to seize Cor­ inth. He went to consult the oracle of Dodona, which promised that he would succeed if someone should give him a lump of Corinthian earth, and if he attacked the town 'on a day when crowns were being worn'. The first condition was fulfilled when Aletes, having asked a Corin­ thian for a piece of bread, was given, as a gesture of scorn, only a clod of earth.

Son of AMPHIARAUS and brother revenge: Dirce was tied to a bull of ALCMAEON (Table 1). He was one of the suitors of Helen, and therefore which dragged her across the rocks took part in the Trojan War after his and tore her to pieces; Lycus too was return from the war of the EPIGONI killed. The brothers ruled at Thebes against Thebes. He inherited his in Lycus' place and built walls round father's gift of prophecy and at Troy the town, Zethus carrying the he helped the seer Calchas (1), and stones, Amphion charming them with him established a number o f into place with his music.

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