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Kt-B3 8. B-Q3 BxP P-B4 Black cannot castle yet, on account of the following threat, which I give in full because it occurs frequently in practice: 8. Castles; 9. BxPch, KxB; 10. Kt-Kt5ch, K-Kt1: 11. Q-R5, RK1; 12. QxPch; 13. Q-R5ch; 14. Q-R7ch; 15. Q-R8ch; 16. QxP mate. --------------------------------------8 | #R | | #B | #Q | #K | | | #R | |---------------------------------------| 7 | #P | #P | | #Kt| | | #P | #P | |---------------------------------------| 6 | | | #Kt| | #P | | | | |---------------------------------------| 5 | | | #B | #P | ^P | #P | | | |---------------------------------------| 4 | | | | | | ^P | | | |---------------------------------------| 3 | | | ^Kt| ^B | | ^Kt| | | |---------------------------------------| 2 | ^P | ^P | ^P | | | | ^P | ^P | |---------------------------------------| 1 | ^R | | ^B | ^Q | ^K | | | ^R | --------------------------------------A B C D E F G H Diag.

B-B2, P-Q5; 12. Kt-K4, PxP; 13. KtxKt, BxKt; 14. B-K4, Q-Q2; 15. Q-B2 or PxP. The openings as sketched out up to this point give a sufficiently clear idea of the possibilities of combining sound development with an attempt to capture the centre after the opening moves 1. P-K4, P-K4. In most cases, Black's centre pawn being open to attack by White's P-Q4, we find an early break-up of the centre, and concurrently the opening of the Ks or Qs file for the Rooks. " Lately the distinction has been abandoned, and very rightly, since in the latter openings, too, the centre can be cleared occasionally.

The exchange on the seventh move is compulsory, because the loss of a pawn after BxKt is in effect threatened, now that the White KP is supported by the Rook. Black's intention of exerting pressure on the KP is now difficult of execution, because his pieces are very cramped and hinder one another in a restricted area. The KB in particular cannot be brought into action without great difficulty, for instance by: RK1, B-KB1, P-KKt3, and B-Kt2. It is therefore advisable for White to develop his QB at Kt2 instead of at Kt5, in order not to give Black a chance of exchanging his troublesome Bishop.

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