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By Edgar A. Stitt

ISBN-10: 9623610238

ISBN-13: 9789623610230

This publication is devoted to the reminiscence of professional ClarenceA. funds, scout, 4th Battalion, 66th Armor, third Brigade, third Infantry department, killed in motion, Feb.27, 1991, in the course of offensive operations opposed to the Iraqi Medina Republican safeguard department in southern Iraq.

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He dropped his weapon," said Carlson. Carlson ordered Hernandez and Col. Jason Hauck, NBC NCO, Co. , out to take the Iraqis prisoner. ''I'll never forget their faces, They had the fear of God in them," said Hauck. "It was kinda wierd, the look on their faces. Their chain of command had told them we'd kill them," added Carlson. As Hernandez and Hauck began searching the enemy soldiers, a couple more Iraqis appeared, dropped their weapons and surrendered, "It was a tense moment. I think I was more scared than they were ," said Hauck, The Iraqi soldiers fear of being executed disappeared when they realized these Marne Division soldiers would treat them according to international law, "About five minutes into the search they relaxed and even tried to help us search them," said Hauck, Many other enemy prisoners of war (EPW) were taken by the Phantom Brigade, Sergeant Maj.

Although the T-72 is faster than the M1 A1 and has a larger caliber main gun, ittumed out not to be a match. , 3rd Inf. Div. engaged T-72s outto ranges of 3,900 meters with the average being about 2,500 meters. The maximum effective range of the T-72 was about 2,000 meters resulting in a very uneven mismatch on the wide open desert plai[ls. An abandoned T-72M Iraqi main battle tank belonging to the Medina Republican Guard Division. Note the vehicle's crew left in such haste they didn't even remove the main gun cover.

Misery they are witnessing, "We have a food point to feed people who are hungry, We soldier excitedly as he hefts his loaded M 16A2 rifle to the ready . The truck nears the checkpoint and is halted. Four Arabs , even put a homeless family up in one of our tents for a few dressed in civilian clothes, are ordered out of the vehicle. They days," said Patrick, seem nervous and confused. On the main highway leading from Kuwait into Iraq is Covered by his fellow Marnemen, one infantryman Checkpoint Bravo manned by soldiers from Co, C , 1st Bn " 7th approaches the Arabs and motions them to put their hands up, Inf, They comply immediately, Spec, Michael Lattin, a Co, C infantryman, explained his After a few tense moments, it turns out the truck is a Soviet unifwas doing a show of force and helping the MPs keep the made civilian vehicle with civilian license plates, The four Iraqis checkpoint organized, are civilians fleeing the fighting between Shiite Muslims and the "We also keep an eye on the desert around the checkpoint, Iraqi army farther north , When we first got here, we had some people try to bypass the After a thorough search of their vehicle the four Iraqis are checkpoint and we had to chase them down," said Lattin , allowed to continue on their way after being given food and Lattin explained females and children were not searched water.

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